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Party Blogger 2007 (ash / inet)
Jakarta - Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Mohammad Nuh blunt declare October 27 as National Blogger Day. Momentumnya made over 2007 Blogger Party. It was time to give acknowledgment dicetuskannya in Blogger Party 2007 (PB2007), a national blogger gathering events held in Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Saturday (27/10/2007). "I declare this day as National Blogger Day!" accuse him rousing cheers greeted the blog author. "Momentumnya very appropriate to declare this day as a national day blogger. Previous case this has not been planned at all," he said to reporters after the speech to give. Disinggung about the next steps of the National Blogger Day declaration and whether the government will create a code of ethics for bloggers, said that it was not considered. "It's still early, not until it is for thought. Still just a simple," accuse him. Spark for the National Day Blogger appear in the event spontaneously. Preceded by Enda Nasution, Chairman of the Committee of PB2007, in his speech. According to Noah, the bloggers have a role in education and empower people. He also does not expect bloggers' timid 'or fear in writing the blog. "We guarantee there will be no pembreidelan," he said in the PB2007. Enda, who found during the lunch, the declaration was not planned. To the future, Enda also claim there are no specific plans. "Most do not already have a date that can be used as momentum. Later each community or individual bloggers can create their own interprestasinya to observe this day," he explains. PB2007 bring bloggers from various regions in Indonesia. Start from Anging Mammiri from Makassar, Go Ranah Minang from West Sumatra, of Semarang, Yogyakarta Community Blog bloggers to represent the community in Poso. Non-regional communities such as Blogfam, id-Gmail, Multiply Indonesia, and Muslim Blog also enliven the event. Photo caption, ki-ka: M. Menkominfo Noah, the Director General Applications Telematika Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, and the Chairman of the Committee PB2007 Enda Nasution. Photographer: ash / inet. (Wicaksono Hidayat / wsh)

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